Lexmark Range Brochure 2020

SECTION 22 Why Lexmark Colour? Colour communicates, informs and persuades. Vibrant, expressive colour also attracts attention and increases impact. In short, colour is your brand; who you are; the image of the way you want to be seen. Professional colour printing is in your office and at your finger tips. Lexmark colour laser printers and MFPs are colour powerhouses. They offer repeatable, accurate colour matching and features that create continuity from one document to the next and establish your brand. Easy brand matching Match corporate colours on marketing collateral and brand-sensitive text and graphics with Lexmark Named Colour Replacement. The named colours of your company’s logo will print accurately and consistently every time. Simply enter specific colour values for easy colour matching, including company defined colours, PANTONE ® Colour and other named colour systems such as DIC, HKS and TOYO. Money saving colour Colour is business critical, but often it is seen as being expensive or wasteful. Lexmark ColourCare Technology can help change that perception. It includes tools, like User Quotas, that help you manage and make intelligent decisions about colour printing. For example, users can track their colour usage at the device or through the Lexmark Solutions Platform web portal, then they can decide which documents do or do not require colour. Continuous colour With Lexmark colour laser printers and MFPs, you don’t have to worry about running out of toner in the middle of a job. Toner monitoring is easy with status screens that provide supplies information and programmable supply alerts that let you know when you need to replace toner. You can print with confidence knowing that important documents, such as customer-facing materials, are always produced at optimum quality. Professional colour quality The documents you print define an important image - yours. You’ve invested a lot into your organisation’s image. Protect it with professional printing to ensure that your logo and style are exactly as you intend them to be. That’s why Lexmark colour laser printers and MFPs help businesses be more productive and stand out with vibrant colour. With the ability to print professional quality colour inhouse, you can add instant impact and save costs by virtually eliminating the need to outsource print jobs. Lexmark also offers a host of colour-access and control tools to manage cost. Enhance comprehension and brand credibility with colour that helps your customers believe in and remember your products and services. Lexmark colour laser printers andMFPs areperfect for printing reports, marketing collateral and on-demand signage with brilliant colour reproduction. So when you put a high-quality colour document in a client’s hands, you’re advancing communication and your company’s image at the same time. With Lexmark colour laser printing, the professionalism of your documents can finally match that of your company. 99