Lexmark Range Brochure 2020

Kofax ControlSuite Trusted solutions for cost effectiveand secureofficeprinting& documentmanagement ControlSuite ® by KOFAX is an integrated input and output management platform that incorporates pull / secure printing , scanning, digitization and document & image capturing solutions with mobile printing, mobile capturing and document workflow capabilities. It comprises several different configurable solutions that can be combined to create advanced and complex document processing workflows. ControlSuite ® manages the secure document delivery and data collection processes, therefore offering document security and workflow automation functionality by utilizing advanced printing, scanning, routing & archiving and print stream transformation technologies. The solution has mobile workflow, print reduction and accountability , and document transformation capabilities as well. ControlSuite ® can be on premise or cloud based. ControlSuite ® allows for: › Input & Output Management › Follow-You ® (pull) printing by allowing the secure (PIN or card) release of print jobs from the device of choice › Scan and send to multiple destinations like: › email › home folder › network folder › SharePoint with OCR support › Mobile print and capture › Document workflows › Auditing / reporting and printing environment management › Quotas and rules & routing › Watermarking & user information stamping › Document conversion › Print stream transformation SECTION 18 85