Lexmark Range Brochure 2020

Accuread OCR SECTION 15 Quickly create searchable dataand editable content Business challenge Today, many businesses can’t create searchable data or editable content for use inside their information workflows without spending an inordinate amount of time on it. Lexmark’s advantage In less time than it takes to enter data manually, your organisation can create searchable data or editable content using our AccuRead OCR application. In minutes, we can install the app on your Lexmark MFP—so you can use it within other Lexmark applications like Scan to Email, Scan to Network and Scan to Network Premium. Your OCR documents can even be integrated into more complex routing scenarios when combined with Lexmark Solution Composer. There’s no need for messy desktop applications or complex server-based software. This embedded app helps you easily find the unstructured print and digital information you need—at the moment you need it—by creating searchable PDFs that speed up the search process. What are the advantages of Lexmark AccuRead OCR? › Creates searchable PDFs Makes content faster and easier to locate › Reduces need to manually enter information Eliminates error-prone processes › Enables easy-to-use text conversion Improves productivity › Eliminates desktop applications or complex server‑based software No additional hardware and software needed Ideal for: Medical providers / Legal firms / Retailers / Schools / Banks / Insurance agencies / Tax, accounting and financial advisors Features › Create searchable PDFs By using Lexmark AccuRead OCR to create searchable PDFs, you can add context to documents instantly, making it faster and easier to locate the content you need. › Automate data entry Significantly reduce the time it takes to convert your unstructured information into usable text by eliminating the need to manually enter the information. Plus, it automatically rotates the document and detects the correct orientation. › Convert text easily Now you can improve productivity with an easy-to-use text conversion feature that lets you import the extracted text into your core system or database and start using it right away. 82