Lexmark Range Brochure 2020

Scan Center SECTION 14 Business Challenge More than ever, businesses are realizing the efficiency and cost benefits of converting hard copy information intodigital documents. However, getting this information into various business processes can be cumbersome and often requires different workflows, applications and user experiences based on the document’s destination. Lexmark’s advantages Lexmark Scan Center consolidates all scan-related functions into one sophisticated yet easy-to-use application. This powerful tool enables users to review, enhance and index images, then route to multiple destinations using an intuitive, touch screen interface. With Scan Center, users can quickly create high-quality images and confirm their delivery with thumbnails—all without using a computer desktop. What are the advantages of Scan Center? Easy to use Intuitive, tablet-like interface provides a single point of entry for all scan tasks Saves time Eliminate guesswork by consolidating all scan tasks in a single application Configure time-saving shortcuts using the embed- ded web server or enter scan destinations right at the MFP Scan to multiple destinations simultaneously Modular destinations: Enable or disable certain destination types, such as turning off fax for devices without fax capabilities Server-free capture: Create images of documents and associated meta- data without a server Ad-hoc scan: Scan to destinations that have not been predefined by the administrator Custom file types: Route a single scan to different destinations in different formats Group destinations as shortcuts: Define shortcuts through the em- bedded web server or by the end user OCR Support: Integrate with Accu- Read OCR, if licensed on device, to allow scanned documents in for- mats such as a searchable PDF, text or rich text document Support large number of destina- tions: Support up to 100 predefined destinations 81