Lexmark Range Brochure 2020

Mobile Print Solutions Simple. Convenient. Secure. Mobile connectivity is the “now” imperative. The rapid growth in mobile computing has ushered in urgent demand and new expectations for mobile devices. Mobile professionals expect printing and sharing to be fast, convenient and easy. Business users expect desktop and mobile printing to be equally convenient, but IT managers know how complicated it can be to provide seamless output due to mobile’s unique characteristics: › Multiple mobile operating systems with varying native OS print capabilities › Rapid and continual evolution of mobile OS platforms › Varying connectivity over mobile connections, Wi-Fi and corporate networks › Usability and support challenges associated with finding and connecting to a printer › Mobilesecurityschemes thatdiffer fromtraditional enterprise security standards At Lexmark, our focus is on business documents, the mobile users who need to print and share them, and you, the decision makers and strategists who are charged with putting mobile strategies into motion. Lexmark provides a number of ways for businesses and organisations to capitalise on the benefits of mobile productivity, without compromising security or incurring excessive or uncontrolled costs. SECTION 13 Lexmark Mobile Solutions include › Easy-to-use mobile apps for sending documents directly to printers peer-to-peer over a local area network or wide area network. › Printer-based applications for accessing your documents from cloud-based services such as Google. › Enterprise-class solutions that allow you to easily scale across multiple locations without investing in new IT infrastructure. Today, there are many ways to implement mobile printing but no single solution that fits all. That’s why Lexmark provides a number of ways for your business or organisation to capitalise on the bene- fits of mobile productivity. 80