Lexmark Range Brochure 2020

SECTION 12 When you pair award-winning Lexmark hardware and innovative solutions software, the combination is extremely powerful. You’ll unleash greater efficiency and productivity, accelerate paper and energy savings, and recap the benefits of streamlined workflows. Solutions are divided into the following sections: › Store and Retrieve – Solutions delivering print- ondemand capabilities at the eTask panel of device › Tracking and Accounting – Tools for loading authorised users and tracking page usage at the device › Tools and Framework – Applications for configuring shortcuts or templates to support other solutions › Copy, Print, and Fax – Applications supporting specialised paper-oriented functionality › Capture and Route – Workflow solutions for distributed document capture and routing to specific locations › Communicate and Personalise – Tools that allow the Lexmark eTask interface to be customised for a specific purpose Lexmark Embedded Solutions Enhance your businesswith solutions that trimcosts, save time, andreduce errors in your document processes. › Management and Controls – Application for configuring device behaviour › Accessibility and Usability – Solutions for ADA compliance and convenience Lexmark Device Management Applications will help your customer bring out the full potential of their Lexmark MFP. They are a free and easy way to help your customers personalise their MFPs, print more responsibly as well as to save time and money. Lexmark Document Management Applications are an easy way for your customers to save time and money by managing their documents and business processes more efficiently. Lexmark’s Fee-based Applications offer more advanced functionality and greater savings possibilities for your customers. Lexmark Authorised Partners can purchase these solutions from the Lexmark Virtual Solution Centre. 77